JTBourne Photography

Phase One Certified Professional

Phase One medium format camera systems are what the world's best photography is made from, the cutting edge hardware and ahead of the game software keep them at the forefront of the pioneering photography industry.

Phase One Certified Professional is more that just a title, it requires an individual to have an in-depth working knowledge of the Phase One cameras along with compatible hardware (and incompatible hardware!) along with the know-how in digital workflows and image editing.

This knowledge is essential to getting the very best images from the very best camera system, but as any photographer, digital tech or assistant knows things don't always go to plan and part of being a Phase One Certified Professional is knowing what to do and how to troubleshoot any issue that may occur before, during or after a shoot.

As a Phase One Certified Professional, Joe Bourne has proficient knowledge of the Phase One camera systems and Capture One imaging software along with workflow and troubleshooting.