JTBourne Photography

Professional Photographer

Joe Bourne has worked for many years in the photography industry as a photographer, he has a vast amount of experience in nearly all situations and shoots and will happily consider any and all photography projects.

He specializes in Nature and Underwater photography and has a solid working knowledge of the challenges and requirements of these challenging conditions.
As an owner of full underwater photography equipment he can always capture the moment from well lit controlled environments such as pools and tanks to the often murky waters of the North Sea.On top of this knowledge base he has also been commissioned on several Event, Landscape and Music contracts; All of which provide their own set of intricacies and rewards - which to a professional is something to always be sought!

Whilst capturing the scenes required is essential, to truly produce the highest results you must also have a regimented post-shoot workflow and in-depth knowledge of the software required to obtain the top-notch quality - Fortunately he has that too!